Boiler Installation

Whether you are looking to replace your existing boiler or have a brand new central heating system installed, we will do our very best to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. We will offer :-

  • A free no obligation quote
  • An assessment to determine the size of the boiler required and the quantity and size of the radiators to heat your home
  • An assessment to determine the size, type and location of a suitable oil tank
  • A rated energy efficient boiler
  • A central heating system that conforms to building regulations
  • An installation carried out by fully qualified, experienced OFTEC registered engineers
  • An OFTEC certificate
  • Registration with OFTEC

Power Flush

Boiler manufacturers recommend that old heating systems be thoroughly flushed before installing a new boiler and if not performed manufacturer warranty will usually be cancelled. If you purchase a new boiler or new central heating radiators you should consider power flushing because whilst your new boiler is in pristine condition it will soon be contaminated by sludge, rust and debris which are in your old heating system causing components failure or affecting performance of the system. High efficiency modern boilers have very narrow passageways in the heat exchanger and are very sensitive to rust, sludge, scale and other debris which can cause blockage.

 Only by power flushing can you be sure that a system is clean to the standards demanded by modern boilers and heat exchangers.

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